Gallus’ philosophy is to offer value-driven premium services within an affordable business model. We are focused on optimizing flexibility for our clients, which is why we developed our proprietary SuiteSPACE® virtual ownership model. This offers additional benefits over traditional pay-per-run models, including the option to access capacity as needed.

With both types of model, clients have access to a globally approved facility and world-class scientific expertise encompassing process development and tech transfers, along with flexible capacity. The added benefit with our SuiteSPACE®model is control of dedicated capacity through virtual ownership and full oversight within the high-quality operation without facility capital investment.

Gallus provides:

  • Purpose-built clinical and/or commercial suite
  • Staffed operation of suite to cGMP practices
  • Capital to build out suite and utilities


  • Control of dedicated capacity (security, multiple product scheduling, number of runs, etc.)
  • Technical oversight from client’s staff in plant
  • Data link back to development base
  • Fixed cost per annum plus a variable cost-per-run
  • Ownership of process equipment