Protein Expertise at Gallus

Fusion Proteins (125—300 kDaltons)

  • 3-part fusion protein, produced material for Phase 1—3 clinical trials; Co-published downstream process with client, Enobia Pharma (Biopharm International, March 2008)
  • Developed new upstream & downstream processes for three other fusion proteins

IgM antibodies (1000 kDaltons)

  • Increased upstream titer 2—5X
  • Worked with PER.C6® and Hybridomas
  • Co-published data on first PER.C6 IgM process with client, Patrys Ltd. (BioProcess International, December 2011)

Heavily glycosylated molecules, including Interleukin with 30% carbohydrate

  • Enhanced production and recovery of fully sialated protein
  • Produced multiple lots over six-year period


  • Modified client downstream process to protect enzyme from autolysis
  • Developed new process to remove undesirable variant

IgG Variants

  • 3 aglycosylated IgGs, solubility issues addressed
  • 2 deletion mutants with expression & purification issues

IgG Antibodies

  • Over 40 unique IgGs produced from CHO, NSO & Hybridoma cell lines
  • Human, humanized, chimeric and murine forms

Structure Proteins (900 KDa)

  • 900 KDa structure protein with heavy hydroxylation.

Full protein Characterization capability

Sequence coverage by LC-MS/MS, MW by ESI-TOF, AAA, Extinction Coefficient Determination, Glycan profiling, Sialic Acid content analysis, CE analysis, Subvisible particle measurement, SEC-MALS, Cell-based potency assay