At Gallus, we continually evaluate and employ new technologies and methods to facilitate efficient development of biopharmaceuticals for our clients. By staying in front of the field with cutting-edge technologies, we offer our clients technological excellence to rapidly develop their discoveries into tomorrow’s biotherapeutics.

GE Healthcare Life Sciences provides tools and technologies, solutions and expertise which enable the biopharmaceutical industry to develop and manufacture biotherapeutic medicines and vaccines cost-effectively. Our products and platform solutions are designed to meet the key challenges posed at every stage in the biomanufacturing process, delivering the desired product at the required purity and safety: all with fast development and integrated solutions in mind. Across the bioprocessing spectrum, our focus is on supporting you from idea to result. Gallus utilizes  the GE Healthcare Life Sciences FlexFactory™,  a flexible single-use biomanufacturing platform, at their cGMP manufacturing facility in St. Louis.

For more information on implementing single-use biomanufacturing, read our White Paper.

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